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New album out since September 29th 2018 - on itunes, spotify and many more

28.12.2018, 20:00: Drag Meets Rock, Parterre, Basel

See our newest video "Helter Skelter" with the great Drag Queens Carrie 666, Effi Mer Delamaskis, Lola Savages, Mauve de Mirabelle and Rebecca Eve Rubenstein.
Recorded at the wonderful 8Bar in Basel.

And some great band photos by the great Otto Böhne - one hell of a photographer!

Video: House Of Love

Drag Meets Rock: A success story

Drag Meets Rock: We made CHF 1'000.-- - going to the campaigns against gay camps in Russia!
Thank you all for contributing. See you December 2018 with the second edition of Drag Meets Rock.

Photos by Nathalie Laissue and Stefan Leimer

Video: Beyond The Moon

Furlong: Black Ice